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Short Biography Ziyad M. Al-Sharawi was born in 1972 at a small village called Imraish. Imraish is located within the city  of Dora, near Hebron, south of the West Bank, Palestine. Ziyad finished his elementary school education in  1986 from Imraish elementary school, and his high school education in 1990 from Al-Shara'iah high  school in Hebron.   Ziyad enrolled at Hebron University in 1991 and majored in mathematics. In 1994, Ziyad got his BSc with  a second honor degree, and in the same year, Ziyad got a scholarship under a program called the  "Palestinian European Academic Cooperation in Education" to pursue his graduate education at Leiden  University in the Netherlands. In 1996, Ziyad obtained his master degree in Applied Analysis from Leiden  University, then he returned to Palestine to work as a school teacher, and as part-time instructor at Al-Quds  Open University. In 1997, Ziyad enrolled in a part-time program in science & education at Bethlehem  University, which lead to a High Diploma in Science and Education. In 1998, Ziyad accepted a new job  offer to teach at an international school in Bahrain, and in 1999 accepted a new job offer to work as math  instructor at Palestine Polytechnic University. In 2000, Ziyad got graduate teaching assistantship from  Central Michigan University and started his PhD program in the same year. In 2006, Ziyad defended his  PhD dissertation in the field of Discrete Dynamical Systems under the supervision of professors James  Angelos and Saber Elaydi. The dissertation of Dr Al-Sharawi received the CMU Graduate Research Award  in 2006. In the same year, Dr Al-Sharawi accepted a job offer to work as temporary assistant professor at  Central Michigan University.   In 2007, Dr Al-Sharawi started an assistant professor position at Sultan Qaboos University, then got  promoted to the rank of associate professor in May 2014. In 2015, Dr Al-Sharawi accepted the post of  associate professor at the American University of Sharjah. Dr Al-Sharawi's has an active research in the  field of difference equations and discrete dynamical systems. In particular, Dr Al-Sharawi is focusing his  research on periodic non-autonomous difference equations, combinatorial and symbolic dynamics and  harvesting in discrete population models. Dr Al-Sharawi has taught several math courses across the  undergraduate curriculum in which technology is used as part of his pedagogical skills to enhance students  teaching and learning.  
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