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Education:      PhD, Discrete Dynamical Systems, 2006, Central Michigan University, USA      MSc, Applied Analysis, 1996, Leiden University, The Netherlands.      High Diploma, Math & Science Education, 2000, Bethlehem University, Palestine.      BSc, Mathematics, 1994, Hebron University, Palestine.  Teaching: Courses taught/teaching at AUS   Math221, Linear Algebra: Fall2017. Math203, Calculus III: Fall2015,Spring2016, Fall2016, Spring2017, Fall2017. Math102, Calculus II: Fall2015, Spring2016,Fall 2016 Math101, Calculus I: Fall2015, Fall2016. ------------------------------------------------------------ Teaching: Courses taught/teaching at SQU      Math3110, Calculus III: Spring2014, Fall2014, Spring2015.      MATH3207, Math for teachers I: Fall2013, Fall2014.      MATH3744, Introduction to Mathematical Modeling: Fall 2012, Spring2013.      MATH4141, Numerical Analysis: Fall2010, Spring2010, Fall2011, Spring2015.      MATH1063, Math for Commerce III: Fall2009, Spring2010.      MATH2108, Calculus II: Fall 2009, Spring2010, Fall 2010, Fall2011, Spring2012.      MATH 3171, Linear Algebra & Multivariate Calculus: Spring2009.      MATH1101, Business Mathematics I: Fall2008, Spring2009.      MATH5500, Project in Mathematics: Spring2007, Fall2008, Fall2012, Spring2013      MATH2107, Calculus I: Fall2008, Spring2007, Fall2008, Fall2012, Spring2013. Work Experience:     2015- present: Associate Professor, American University of Sharjah, UAE.     2014-2015: Associate Professor, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman.     2007-May 2014: Assistant Professor, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman.     2006-2007: Assistant Professor, Central Michigan University, USA.     2000-2006: Teaching Assistant, Central Michigan University, USA.     1999-2000: Instructor, Palestine Polytechnic University, Palestine.     1998-1999: School Teacher, Bahrain.     1996-1998: School Teacher, Palestine.
Research Interest   My   research   interest   is   on difference    equations    and discrete               dynamical systems.    In    particular,    I am    interested    in    periodic n   o   n   -   a   u   t   o   n   o   m   o   u   s     difference            equations, combinatorial                 and symbolic     dynamics,     and harvesting       in       discrete population models.
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